SWIG Awards
Welcome to SWIG - The Sustainable Water Industry Group

SWIG was conceived in 2008 by a group who came together with the idea of applying some 'whole system thinking' to sustainable water management; i.e. pulling together several strands to give a better and more sustainable result.

Participants include manufacturers, installers, professionals, consultants, designers, academics and others from across industry. Some of them are thought leaders but all have seen the relevance of a group that pulls rather than pushes. Naturally there are roles for other strategic organisations that shine their light along the path. However, there are other crucial roles for those who turn the strategies into practical realities by walking that path every day.

Vision - To see water being used sustainably in all buildings and spaces.

Mission - To implement sustainable water management wherever possible.

Approach - Interdisciplinary, based on 'whole system thinking,' the ongoing development of best practice and influencing policies

Sensible policies

It is critical to success that strategies are supported by policies that make sense in the real world and that regulation and legislation really work to promote and encourage workable solutions can be measured in both commercial and sustainable terms.

SWIG will avoid the temptation for single issue thinking by providing a platform welcoming cross - disciplinary skills and opinions. By remaining inclusive SWIG is modelling its own open approach based on 'whole system thinking' and the ongoing development of best practice.

The paradigm shift is to see green business as good business. Particularly, where commercial return on investment is often achievable within 5 years. And, with some projects achieving payback in 12 months, there are clearly some myths to dispel.

Key outcomes:

  • Building sustainability into project specs from the outset.
  • Some projects fail to incorporate achievable gains. So here SWIG will encourage joined up thinking and help focus on sustainable issues at an early stage.

Best Practice

Developing robust guidelines, disseminating knowledge about practical ways of integrating grey water rainwater, dispelling myths, using mains water responsibly.

Influencing Policies

  • Creating critical mass and credibility to engage in informed debate.
  • Seeking to ensure good policy produces good legislation that works practically.



  • SWIG working lunchtime event - 11:45-14:45 SuDS in the City
  • How to Live with Rainwater
  • Tools and solutions for planners, developers, builders, landscape and garden specialists
  • Date: 1st March 2016
    Venue: The Roof Gardens, Kensington, London
  • Planning for excess rainfall
  • Is it money down the drain or an investment? Meeting the challenge of how to deal with heavy storm water and light rainwater in sustainable ways that improve our lives, communities and environment
  • Speakers
  • Suzanne Simmons CIRIA
  • Big is beautiful, small is beautiful Opportunities for SuDS everywhere! Everyone is a player
  • Martin Whiting Royal HaskoningDHV
  • SuDS decision tools for planners
  • Helen Spring London Wildlife Trust
  • Actions speak louder than words - Grass roots interventions
  • Zac Ribak Watermatic Ltd. Specialist Installers
  • Virtual Tour and examples: Green Roofs, Green Walls and more.
  • Lutz Johnen Aquality Trading and Consulting Ltd
  • The Role of Hard Engineering: Rainwater harvesting and beyond


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