Cath Hassell of ech2o consultants Ltd. and Professor Colin Green of Middlesex University receive their Lifetime Achievement Awards from SWIG Chair, Neal Landsberg


SWIG Lifetime Achievement Awards.

  • Two Awards:
  • Colin Green, Professor of Water Economics at Flood Hazard Research Centre, Middlesex University
  • Cath Hassell, ech2o consultants Ltd. Sustainable water and low carbon solutions.


Good ideas need outstanding personalities, effort and teamwork to turn them into reality. This year we were able to publically acknowledge � to their great surprise- both Colin and Cath who have been powerhouses of support and passionate advocates of the Voice of Sustainable Water helping to take it from a quiet squeak to a proud roar!

SWIG Awards November 2013

Inspirational Awards for Inspirational Projects: SWIG Awards 2013

SWIG Awards 2013 - View from the Chair: Walking the Talk in public

From Peru to Paddington scores of Professionals flowed into Victoria to be part of the SWIG Awards 2013. There they saw, celebrated and discussed dozens of extraordinary projects combining, the practical with the imaginative to deliver projects promoting sustainable water use. The projects were imaginative and creative, making full use of water on and around the project and demonstrated whole systems thinking and integration with other people and systems.

A further innovation this year was the SWIG Lifetime Achievement Awards which recognises individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to SWIG.

Currently, the SWIG Awards are biennial with the next one planned for Wednesday 18th November 2015. Make a diary note!

Finally, your next project?  Eligible projects for nomination are probably in the design and planning stages right now if not being executed.  So some advance thinking might put you in touch with SWIG to register your interest or that of your clients.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next SWIG events and in particular to the SWIG Awards 2015.

Neal Landsberg

Award Winners

2013 SWIG Award Winners
Domestic New Studio Engleback & Curtins Consulting � The Triangle, Swindon;
Domestic Retrofit Essex & Suffolk Water - H2Eco Retrofit
    Nottingham Ecohome / Part One
    Nottingham Ecohome . Part Two
Non Domestic Retrofit Rainharvesting Systems Ltd - Wrigleys
    Green Roof Consultancy Ltd - Rubens Hotel at the Palace
Communication GabiH2O
    Landscape Institute - WSUD Animation
Open Spaces & Agriculture Howard Nurseries Ltd
    Agroinversiones Valle y Pampa Peru S.A. (�VALLE Y PAMPA�)
Product Save water Save Money Ltd - Combismart
International Agroinversiones Valle y Pampa Peru S.A. (�VALLE Y PAMPA�)

Highly Commended

Highly Commended for the 2013 SWIG Awards
Communication ECH2O Newsletter
    CIPHE Water Audit Training

Other Shortlisted

Other Other Shortlisted Entries for the 2013 SWIG Awards
Domestic New Watercolour, Redhill Surrey
    Rainharvesting Systems Ltd - Hesters Way
Non Domestic New None  
Non Domestic Retrofit Essex & Suffolk Water - Water A.C.E.S
Communication Essex & Suffolk Water - Spring Gardening Campaign
    Essex & Suffolk Water - Newsletter
    BRE Low Flow Water Fittings
Open Spaces & Agriculture Design for Life Company Ltd - Flowform
Product Hands on Car Wash
    Eco Washout Tub
    RBKC - SuDS Tool Project

The Judges

  Name Company Bio
Zac Ribak Watermatic Ltd
Armando Raish Treebox Ltd
Tyler Peck Metropolis Green
Cath Hassell ech2o
John Griggs CIPHE
Lutz Johnen Aquality Trading & Consulting Ltd
Peter Wilder Wilder Associates
All Judges Download all Judges in one PDF



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